Monday, November 16, 2009


We all went as the Denver Broncos for Halloween. Brooklyn was a cheerleader and Parker was a football player. Justin and I just wore our jerseys. I actually put Parker in a Simba costume for my school Halloween carnival but it got so warm the day of Halloween that I convinced him to go as a football player.


Here are pictures of Parker and my sister's kids. We are so excited to see them at Thanksgiving time. We are hoping that they will move back one day so Parker has some cousins his age around.

Lost time

Here are some updated pictures of Brooklyn and Parker. She is getting into everything now that she knows how to crawl and pull herself up on things. They love playing with each other. Parker turns 3 at the end of December. He can say the funniest things and carrying on such a long conversation that I forget he is younger than he is.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I know I am so bad at updating my blog but I do appreciate those of you who do make the time to update yours. I love seeing and reading how everyone is doing. I am on track break and in between taking classes, so I figured I better take advantage of both kids sleeping right now and update my blog. I finally decided to take some me time the other day and went and got my hair done- cut and colored. I thought it was time to do something with my hair besides put it up in a ponytail, which is so easy when you have 2 kids and have to get ready for work. I'll post a picture of it one of these days.

Brooklyn and Parker

Where does the time go?

I can't believe Brooklyn is already 5 months old. I have really enjoyed spending time with her and Parker during my track break. She is a very happy baby and unlike Parker, falls asleep on her own. I am now waiting for her to sleep through the night.


Parker just loves getting into all the baby stuff. Sometimes I think he enjoys it more than he did when he was an infant, either that or he wants to drive me crazy.

This is Parker's favorite backpack. He and his dad went Mother's Day shopping and came back with a present for me and Parker. Parker go this backpack and I got a Bronco's bag to match. Guess I better become a fan.

Cousin time

My sister Natalie and her family surprised us and came into town last weekend. Parker was so excited to see them. When we got to my mom's house, he ran in and gave them all a big hug.

Here is Parker with one of his favorite cousins. Brock is my sister Dawn's oldest son. Parker justloves going to Aunt Dawn's to play with the boys. Sometimes I think he forget he is only 2 and can't do everything the big boys are doing.

This is a picture of Brooklyn and my sister Natalie's boy Chip. As you can tell, it was taken a few months back. Like Parker and Jack, these two are only a few weeks apart.

Fun at the park

We had a ward BBQ awhile back at the park. While we were there, Parker and Justin had fun feeding the ducks and climbing the rock wall. I, of course was busy taking pictures and carrying Brooklyn around.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Brooklyn's blessing


One would think I could keep my blog updated since I have been on maternity leave.  Well I decided to get crazy and started 1 of 5 online classes in order to get my library science endorsement.  YEP!  I am crazy.  Now I have to discipline myself to do homework in my spare time and not play on the Internet while my kiddos are napping.  I am in between classes so I thought I better take this time and update my blog.  Here are some random pictures of the kids.
He really did look cute in the sute, but the shirt was itching him.

Family Pictures

I have been married almost 4 years and we finally got a professional family picture taken. Justin is not big on taking pictures so who knows when the next family one will be taken. Besides that, he hates the long wait it takes to get them done and picked out.  I thought they turned out cute and was excited to finally get them taken.

I am just happy Parker loves his sister.  
Brooklyn is chunkier than Parker was at this age.
We couldn't get him to take a picture without the helmet.