Saturday, November 15, 2008

Staying busy and having fun

While we were there, we took Allie and Parker to a gym during open hour.  They had so much fun running around, playing on the ropes and jumping on the trampolines.  Being 5 months pregnant, I didn't do too much but watch and take pictures.  From the pictures, you can see Parker has no fear of heights, unlike his mother.

My sister works one day a week, so Justin and I got to babysit her kids one day while we were there.  Launa is 9, Luke is 7, Allie is 4 and Todd and Ryan are 5 months old.  It wasn't too bad and didn't get crazy until everyone was home from school and we tried to get homework and piano done before Tricia got home after 5.  I don't know how she does it.  Launa and Luke were at school and Allie had preschool in the morning, so that just left us with Parker and the twins in the morning.  However, we did stay plenty busy and I was glad to have Justin's help, even if he tries to show it's an easy task.  

Halloween in Texas

I guess I better get my Halloween update out before Thanksgiving gets here.  I am on track break this month, so Justin, Parker and I took a family trip to Texas to visit my older sister Tricia and her family.  We arrived on Halloween and left a week later.  Parker had so much fun trick or treating, just as many of your own did.  I think I was more tired by the end of the night than he was.  It must have been from having to take a flight of stairs in order to get to each house, or having to walk up long drive ways while carrying Parker so we wouldn't get too far behind his cousins.