Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Brooklyn's blessing


One would think I could keep my blog updated since I have been on maternity leave.  Well I decided to get crazy and started 1 of 5 online classes in order to get my library science endorsement.  YEP!  I am crazy.  Now I have to discipline myself to do homework in my spare time and not play on the Internet while my kiddos are napping.  I am in between classes so I thought I better take this time and update my blog.  Here are some random pictures of the kids.
He really did look cute in the sute, but the shirt was itching him.

Family Pictures

I have been married almost 4 years and we finally got a professional family picture taken. Justin is not big on taking pictures so who knows when the next family one will be taken. Besides that, he hates the long wait it takes to get them done and picked out.  I thought they turned out cute and was excited to finally get them taken.

I am just happy Parker loves his sister.  
Brooklyn is chunkier than Parker was at this age.
We couldn't get him to take a picture without the helmet.